Thursday, February 23, 2006

NetDocuments and LexisNexis Alliance

Well, after years of planning and negotiation, the company that I work for (NetDocuments) finally partnered with Lexis Nexis for real!! NetDocuments is a web-based document management system that was started by Ken Duncan, Lee Duncan (my dad), and Alvin Tedjamulia along with other employees from Softsolutions. It's finally a public partnership now and here's the link to the Yahoo Finance article about it. NetDocuments and LexisNexis Partnership

I can't believe it finally happened, we finally got a break :D Below is a snippet of what is said in the article:

Designed and developed as an on-demand document service for the Web, the NetDocuments service is the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering for documents. The alliance between LexisNexis and NetDocuments will offer law firms of all sizes a fully-featured document and email management service with built-in extranet capability, disaster recovery, archival and records management services. The NetDocuments' patented and scalable technology provides a centralized repository for documents, emails and records where law firms can have a single-repository "one firm view" across geographically dispersed offices and access information from any Internet-connected device, including Blackberry® and Outlook®.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Orem High vs. Timpview Games (clickable thumbnails)

My little sister, Michelle, plays on the Orem High girls' basketball team and her boyfriend, Craig, plays for on the boys' team. I went to try my hand at basketball photography the other night at their games. Some of the pics turned out alright so I was pretty happy. The boys ended up winning in an intense game and the girls ended up barely losing after a good game. Here are some pictures of Craig and Michelle.

Don't you love high school basketball?