Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bloggers I Know

Some of my friends that used to be listed here have since become worried about who sees their blogs. This is a valid concern, and I want to help them as much as possible to maintain their privacy. So I have removed all the links to my friends' blogs unless they want their blog to appear here (please comment if you want your blog linked in this post). The main reason that I have removed them is that when I created my blog, I wanted it to be a public place to show off my photography and my other interests. I still want my blog to be public and I love when people that I don't know make relevant, respectful comments on my blog. I hope anyone who visits will comment on at least one post. That being said, if any of my friends (you know who you are) want your blog linked here on my blog, just let me know because the more the merrier! I have edited the rest of the post below to reflect this.

****Original Post (adjusted accordingly to reflect the update above)****
You will now see one link on the side of my blog referencing the "Bloggers I know." That link will take you to this post and I will update this post as more of my friends enter the blogosphere in the future. First off, if you got to this blog (Brad's) and thought you were going to Gina's blog, please go here.

Now here's the (drastically shortened) list of "Bloggers I know":

in the eternal words of Michael Scott, "drum roll... rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"



gina bina said...

Um...I don't really like this new system you have here. I'm too lazy I guess, but now I have to click once, then go find the link I'm looking for and click again. Come on!

Two Wheeler said...

I know, I thought I'd get some kickback. I'm lazy when it comes to these things too, I may change later, we'll see.

The Blairs said...

Brad it is time to post something cool other than links. I was a little excited when I saw you had a new post, then a little let down when I saw it was about links. No disrespect, just was trying to study and got bored so I started looking at blogs in hope of some excitement. Ryan

Two Wheeler said...

Sorry for the let down Ike, there will be a post in the next few days hopefully. A real post I mean. These are just a way for me to try organizing my links. Keep up the studying!

Cole said...

Glad to see you posting quotes from Michael Scott. I'm going through withdrawals they need to pay those writer more already. I wonder if Ike was any happier with the next 2 posts. Haha

Two Wheeler said...

Well, Ike better have been happier with the "legs" post, haha. The other one I'm sure he didn't like though. I hear ya on the withdrawals, I'm dying here!

Candace said...

Hey, I was searching through some blogs and ended up here! How crazy, I can't believe how many people have blogs! Any way, just thought I'd say a quick hello! In case you're not sure who this is it's Candace (Hicks)