Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bloggers I want to know

I just posted about bloggers that I know, now here are the bloggers that I'd like to meet!

1001 Albums
Clever Cycles
Bakfiets Cargobike
Bakfiets en Meer
Copenhagen Cycle Chic
Energy Rush
Fields of Fuel
Hug the Trees
Kate Benson Photography
Land Living
MassTransit Mag
Moco Loco
Modular Cabin
Need a Carectomy?

Again, if you would like me to remove your link from my blog, let me know.


Jill & Seth said...

hi, our dog is called a cane corso which is an italian mastiff.
They are suppose to be real good watch dogs so we'll see.

Zakkaliciousness said...

Thanks for the compliment!
from us