Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Freeheeler's day

Brad Tanner took me up Farmington Canyon to ski near Bountiful Peak. It was a beautiful day with amazingly deep powder on every run. Avalanche danger was a little high, but we treaded lightly and picked our runs well. We also went prepared with beacons, etc. We ended up making three runs on the ridges just below Bountiful peak. They were long hikes, but well worth it! Here are some shots of some runs during the day.

The ridge just below Bountiful peak (the peak
is out of the picture on the left). If you look,
you can see the cornices off the top of the ridge.

Me on the last run of the day, look at that powder!

Brad Tanner leading the way. You can see the
same ridge that's in the picture above.

We unexpectedly came upon a group of cabins,
here's one of them that was about half buried.

A couple more of me

Steep, but not exactly "deep."

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