Friday, September 07, 2007

That crazy track bike disease...

No matter if you're a cyclist or not, if you look around Salt Lake City lately you will see many more bikes than you used to. They are becoming a very popular mode of transportation as residents discover the well defined bike lanes and bicycle-friendly roads of Salt Lake City, not to mention the added benefit of losing a few extra pounds. (and I'm not talking about making your bike lighter...) It is likely that a good number of the bicycles that you see are fixed gear bikes, commonly called track bikes. People choose these types of bikes for a number of reasons: less maintenance, no dérailleurs to break or go out of tune (and thus no griding gears), extra leg strength from riding only one gear... the list goes on. Most importantly, they're a lot of fun to ride and people have compared it to almost "walking" on your bike because when you pedal forward, you go forward. Pedal backward, and you go backward. Pedal slow, you go slow. Pedal fast... you get the idea.

Ahhh, the Raleigh One-Way, mmmmm (Cyclesmith sells it, need I say more?!)

Now, if you're looking for more fun on your commute than you normally have eating that "footlong" and coffee from Maverick in your car while stuck in traffic (probably on Foothill Drive), then commuting on a fixed gear bicycle is for you. Believe it or not, you'll actually have fun getting from point A to point B! (not to worry all you "geared-bicycle commuters," there will be a post in the near future for you too)

As mentioned on Cyclesmith's website, Salsa's new line-up also includes a hot new pre-built fixie that would make a great commuter bicycle somewhat "on-the-cheap." If you're truly looking for a fixie to commute with, pay special attention to the rear drop-out area to look for eyelets that will allow you to mount fenders. (see photo at left, eyelets are the little round loops on top) Because having a nice "pin-stripe" up the back on a rainy day may be considered cool while you're actually ON the bike, when you're off the bike it doesn't do so much for attracting the opposite ... well, let's just say that it's a pretty good wife repellant. So get those fenders on for a rainy (or snowy) day and ride worry free.


{lizzythebotanist} said...

a fixed gear bike would surely be the death of me and my skinny, muscle-lacking legs. but if that's what get's you excited, go for it! i told steve to call you guys last night to come watch a movie, but he's got this weird notion that we have to wait for you guys to call us to hang out. geeze, it's not like we're dating you guys or anyway, let's hang out again soon! you guys might soon wish we had other married friends up here!!

g Duncan said...

Liz, we love hanging out with you guys and really you can call anytime. Just so you know...we aren't playing hard to get or anything.