Thursday, June 19, 2008


I thought that when I was done with school, things would slow down a bit. If anything they've been as busy as ever or busier!

Breakdown of what's happened:
1) Family trip back East - Philly, DC, and New York.
2) Started traveling with work a bit, been to St. Paul, MN
3) Prepping for the MS 150 bike ride (Please donate!)
4) Just got back from our annual 50 mile hike, this time in Southern Utah (pics to follow)
5) Taking pictures of friends
6) Working full-time
7) And last but certainly not least... I GOT A NEW BIKE!!

Now for some pics...

Cole and Tate:



Andy and Bri said...

When do I get to see this new bike in action??? Looks good.

gina bina said...

Yeah seriously, you were much more available when you were still a student. I'm not liking this full time work stuff...