Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tour of Utah - Stage 2 Intro

Stage 2 is tomorrow, and it's the first brutal mountain stage of the Tour of Utah.

Distance: 137km (84.6 mi)
Elevation: 3,226m (10,585 ft)

Three cruel climbs evenly spread throughout the day with the first coming at mile 6. Then one minor climb just 8 miles from the finish to smack the racers around one more time before the long downhill approach to the finish at the U of U Orthopedic Center. Should be a great race. Best places to watch are the top of each mountain pass, especially the decisive and aptly-named "Big Mountain." Click the map below for an interactive approach to the race course map.

Watch for early attacks on the climb up North Ogden Canyon with more serious attacks coming on the second climb on the backside of Mt. Ogden, and finally the climb up Big Mountain starting at about mile #62 will surely have fireworks all the way up it.

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