Monday, September 22, 2008

The world of photography just changed...drastically

This is the first actual video I've seen from Canon's new digital SLR camera (probably the first posted anywhere). Yes, I said "video" and "SLR" in the same sentence. What's more is that it films through any SLR lens you can imagine and it does so at 1080p resolution! All of you out there can finally take advantage of your hi-def TV's when watching your family home videos of the kids in the tub, haha!

See the stunning, un-enhanced video made by Vincent Leforet here using the as-yet unreleased Canon 5D Mark II camera. That pre-order list just got really long.

For more reading about the camera and the making of the video, see Leforet's blog here and here.

Forget those lame mashups that people have been putting together the last few years, I'm ready for some quality independent films on very low budgets.


Jess said...

More to wish I had! =)

gina bina said...

I'm going to be hearing about this camera every day until he has one. :)