Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our team was nominated by USA Cycling as the Collegiate Team of the Month for March. It sure is nice to see the hard work paying off, now if I can just have the weather hold out for our race on March 26-27, we'll be in good shape! See below for the USA Cycling Write-up, the original can be found here
Notice GB's photo credit at the bottom :-) Good work G!

Team of the Month

University of Utah

Essay by Joel Hsia, Team President

The University of Utah Cycling Club is the classic story of a developing group that has overcome long odds to firmly establish itself in collegiate cycling. Founded in late 2004, Utah Cycling started out as a group of students who paid out of their own pockets to travel, race, and ride. Fond stories are still told about the early years of racing in jerseys with a block “U” duct-taped on, and even resorting to wearing jerseys belonging to campus parking enforcement. -- Utah Cycling is now self-supported and is able to assist riders in the costs of racing.

Like any club-level organization, Utah Cycling owes its survival to the dedication of its members and officers. It is labor and love from committed individuals that allows Utah Cycling to continue. One particular 2006-2007 school year marks a time of great struggle, when the team nearly fell apart from lack of a governing body. Utah Cycling's advice to other small clubs or teams is that above all else, a solid group of leaders is the most important thing to have.

Beyond racing, Utah Cycling places value in supporting local community and organizations. Throughout 2009, on top of participating in charity rides, the club spent time promoting bicycle safety with young children of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Utah Cycling is also an active supporter for Bikes for Kids Utah, an organization that provides children with free bicycles to help them play, exercise, get to school, and develop hobbies. One of Utah Cycling's top highlights is currently laying claim to being faster than rival-school BYU at the annual Red vs Blue charity hill climb. Proceeds from this community-involved event benefit the Bikes for Kids Utah group.

Utah Cycling's major race accomplishments include consistent qualification for road and mountain nationals. The club is home to and has turned out globally ranked riders such as Mitchell Peterson, Rob Squire, and former MTB national champion Heather Holmes. Utah Cycling had spectacular results at 2009 RMCCC road conference finals, with multiple podium wins in all categories and disciplines. With a great group of riders, and transition into the new Inter-Mountain conference, Utah Cycling looks forward to 2010 and beyond.

Utah would like to recognize and thank the following organizations for their continued support throughout many years: Mass Mutual, Blackbottoms Cyclewear, CycleSmith SLC, and Ritchey Design.

Utah Cycling

Photo credits, top to bottom: Gina Duncan, Katie Gasser, and SOAR Communications

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Yeah!!! Go Utes! You guys have done a great job of building this team.