Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lake "Pal"

Thanks to the Wildings and the Bennetts for making the second annual trip to Lake Powell an absolute blast! Now for some pics...

"Relationship Building"

"Sunrise at 'Pal'"

"At the Helm"
"The Gang"

"Surf's up"

Experimenting with stroboscopic flash

"Houseboat Livin'"
"Sweet Dreams"


{lizzythebotanist} said...

great photos! looks like fun. it took me second to realize what was really going on in that photo of (is it rachel?). i first though-weird all those girls wore the same swim suit?!

gina bina said...

I really love the star trails picture! Thanks for taking such great pictures babe, you're a handy guy to have around that's for DANG sure.

special k said...

Very, very cool pics! Looks like a fun get-away! I'm a little jealous!

Peter Ingebrigtsen said...

Great pictures Brad! You're getting so many great pictures you'll need to start a photo blog. I really like the stroboscopic flash and "houseboat livin". The houseboat one looks like its in on an underground lake.

CHUNTZ said...

Awesome shots!