Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Zion's HDR attempt

Steve and Liz invited us to St. George with them this weekend with no kiddies. We couldn't pass up a free place to stay and the classic Anderson hospitality so we headed down. The weather was perfect and some of the trees were starting to change. Now for the pics... With all the shadows, it was very hard to get the detail in the sky along with the colorful trees. So what did I do? I tried my hand at HDR again.

Here are the originals

In this one the sky looks great but the trees are blacked out

This one the trees look good but the sky is washed out

Here's an attempt at a happy medium, but the trees are still a bit dark and the sky lost some detail

Here's the HDR Version

Now you can see the High Dynamic Range (HDR) in this version. The trees keep their true color and the sky is a rich blue with whispy clouds. Not bad since I'm still figure the HDR thing out. In hindsight, I should have taken about 5 images instead of 3. Now I know.

More pics to come!


Cole said...

BD, I love it. Ive really been wanting to try my hand at a few of these since the first few didn't work out to well.

Is this picture in focus? I'd like to take a look at the full image.

I like the final project.


Two Wheeler said...

Yeah, it was pretty well in focus. The problem was that I didn't use a tripod so the final image doesn't line up perfectly. Ideally I would have had it on a tripod and fired off the shots in close succession.

CHUNTZ said...

Beautiful...and gotta love those Andersons!