Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gearing Up

For some reason back in May I had a funny urge to go to some website called and register. Knowing full well that I'd, of course, never get in via the lottery as a category 4 racer in America's longest single-day road race, I was signed up within minutes of going to the website. The reality sank in while sitting at a friend's house idly checking my email on my phone and low and behold an email from Lotoja Classic came in telling me I was in. So here I am just a bit more than a month away from the race and I'm just trying to squeeze in as many miles in the saddle as I can.

Luckily, a friend from high school said that he and some other friends were going on a good solid ride on Saturday wondering if I wanted to come. Having been only 1 week away from lounging on a sailboat for 10 days, I gladly said YES! (was I thinking?) At the end of the ride I ended up with the following...

Distance: 138 km (85 mi)
Vertical feet gained: 1,813 m (5948 ft)
# of riders: 6

Elevation Profile:


Marc said...

You da man Duncan! It must be that diesel engine you installed on your pedal bike huh!

wjcr said...

Congrats BD, that looks suuuuuuppppper long! Good luck on the Lotoja!