Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tour of Park City

A few of us from the U of U Cycling Team volunteered to be mobile course marshals for the "Felt Tour de Park City" back on August 1. We had a great time riding the course after all the other groups had passed through (essentially sweeping the course). The idea was that we could help patch tires, tend to crashes (if any), and help riders with mechanical problems... the irony of it all is that we didn't fix anybody's tires except our own. To be more specific, between just two of us (out of 4 of us total), we ended up with 7 flats during the 170 mile ride! I normally average 1 flat per year, go figure.

We still had a great time throughout the whole thing and I was super-impressed with how well the race/ride was organized. The organizers and sponsors did a great job with great aid station food, good support staff and vehicles, and a well-organized start/finish area. Looking forward to next year... maybe I'll race it next year :-)

7 flat tires (4 for me, or was it 3...? hmm)
277 km (172 miles)
2,344 m (7,690 ft) elevation gain

Park City > Coalville > Evanston > Mirror Lake Highway > Kamas > Park City

(Click for larger map)

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gina bina said...

I still can't believe you rode that far! And didn't give up, even with all the flats :).