Thursday, July 05, 2007

Collegiate Cycling National Finals (Finally)

After leaving for the Virgin Islands, Lake Powell, and then having Justin leave for Alaska, I finally got all my pictures that I (and Katie, good job Katie) took at National Finals. Justin had them on his computer because I couldn't fit them all on one CF card (now I have a bigger card though, hehe. Bigger is always better, eh?). Anyway, to give a little background, the U of U cycling team had a few people that qualified for the Collegiate Cycling National Finals in Lawrence, KS and here's the story.

An acquaintance of some of the team members was absolutely awesome in letting us crash in his living room. (Cam, thanks for the genuine Kansan hospitality bro) And his room-mates were great in dealing with a bunch of sweaty bike racers for nearly a week too! Thanks guys. We had a great time and our team had some great placings overall. I only qualified to race in the team time trial, which we did OK in. And as a team, we were quite happy with it even though we didn't place really great (not last though, haha). Justin was the Veteran and showed us all the ropes while Mitch represented for the U of U also. In the road race, T-mo and Brian ripped it up with T-mo placing really well (I'll have to remember what he placed and edit this post, but it was like top 20 IIRC out of nearly 150). Brian placed in the middle of the pack somewhere on a brutal 90 mile course through the rolling Kansan hills in 90 degree weather that was ridiculously humid for us Utah folk. The crit was a great time and the town really knows how to support a bike race, they showed up in droves packing the whole crit course a couple of people deep. Katie did great in her events and showed everybody what a Utah girl is made of. It was a great race and we were sad to leave (especially because we had a 16 hour drive ahead of us to go home, ouch). Good times were had by all. Now, because there are so many pics, here's a slideshow of some of the better ones.

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