Sunday, July 29, 2007

I like to ride my bicycle...

...ahh the eternal words of "Queen." My response: "Yes Queen, I sure do..."

Saturday I had a couple of options... 1) Ride the Chalk Creek Road Race (50 miles) 2)Ride with the Cyclesmith Team to Henefer (don't ask where that's at), or 3) Ride with a high school buddy that I haven't seen in way too long up to Snowbird. I choose option 3 please Bob. The day was made even better by getting in a partial ride with Gina before heading out to meet Jeff at the point of the mountain. Gina and I rode up Emigration Canyon until I had to turn around to be able to meet Jeff in time. Gina kept going to the top and got there in record time for her! Way to go G. I headed down, and here's what my day ended up looking like:

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Yep, that's a darn steep hill. 9% grade with pitches up to 11%

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