Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fields of Fuel

First off, I'm not going to do this film justice in any way, shape, or form without holding your hand and taking you down to the theater to watch it full-length. That might be a bit difficult to do, so I'll do my best to try to get you interested in seeing it yourself.

First off, the trailer.

Gina and I really wanted to see this movie, and thanks to Tom getting us tickets at the SFF we were able to go!

"A Crude Awakening" and An Inconvenient Truth" were good and decent, respectively; however, on a scale with the three films together, "Fields of Fuel" is way ahead of the curve. While the first two show us all how screwed up we will be if we don't do anything, they don't offer very many glimpses of hope and they make it seem like there is nothing the individual person can do to help the problem.

Fields of Fuel, on the other hand, offers a very humanizing view of the current energy situation that the US faces. It does not dwell on well-documented but not-quite-proven theories (like the Theory of Global Climate Change and that crazy Theory of Gravity, for instance) but instead focuses on tangible evidence that the way we use energy here in the US is not sustainable and has backed us into a corner that requires immediate change. While some other countries have done this too, we don't live there, we live here and should worry about it here. Josh Tickell then continues on to give the audience various ways in which the individual can make a difference. Below is a list of 10 things he suggests. Not everybody can do all of these right away, but everybody can do at least one of these.

1) Buy a biodiesel, hybrid, electric, or ethanol car
2) Change your fuel to biodiesel, ethanol, or electricity
3) Switch your local school buses to biodiesel
4) Get your gas station to sell biofuel
5) Start a biofuel purchasing co-op
6) Get green energy education into your local schools
7) Use public transportation, bike, or walk
8) Vote for leaders committed to green energy
9) Buy electricity from solar and wind companies
10) Learn more: read Biodiesel America

In the film, Josh gives a very holistic approach to the use of biofuels. He realizes that they are not the ultimate answer, but they are what we can do NOW to get the ball rolling in the right direction. He tells the audience very matter-of-factly that the only way to fix the energy problems in the world is to move towards a diversified energy structure where the energies being used cannot be monopolized by governments or by any one large corporation.

PS, did I mention it received the Documentary Audience Choice Award at Sundance?!


gina bina said...

I would like to add my kudos to this film review. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing movie. I can't say enough good things about it. The best movie I've seen in a very very long time. The message is powerful and inspirational. I truly believe that in 20 years we will look back on the Bush and Clinton presidencies and shake our heads. What were we thinking? We were so blind. We were so...stupid. The problem was so obvious, and we did...nothing?
Don't just change your light bulbs...CHANGE YOUR POLITICIANS.

Two Wheeler said...

BTW, there will definitely be an update as soon as this film is released publicly on DVD or theater.

Don't forget to change your politicians just by voting, but also letting your local leaders know what you, as a citizen, want.

Lee said...

Somehow, they have to come up with a way I can use that biodiesel throughout the winter.

Two Wheeler said...

I forgot to mention that... the company Solazyme is one of the movie's sponsors and they brought two Mercedes E-class CDI's running 100% algae-based biodiesel. Remember that Park City is colder than most places and it ran just fine. Biologists have genetically engineered the algae to make oil that will withstand cold temperatures better than regular biodiesel. Amazing technology, and it's getting close to mass production!

Watch this direct clip from the film for more info:
Film Segment

Michelle said...

brad Gina told me about this film.. i want to see it SO bad! it sounds amazing.. do you know when it will come out on video?

Two Wheeler said...

As soon as I know, I'll post an update.

The Blairs said...

Brad, I want to see this film. Looks good.

sly fox said...

Brad, you would be very disappointed in me (I am disappointed in myself). Last semester I rode the bus more than 50% of the time from Bountiful. This semester I got myself in a situation where I go to campus every day and I go to Draper a couple of times a week. I am driving a ton. I feel terrible. I will try to make up for it in the Summer by riding my bike every day. Sorry to let you down man.

Two Wheeler said...

Are you kidding me Trav?! Riding the bus more than 50% of the time is great! Just the fact that you're making an effort is more than most people! Way to go! How's everything been going anyway? Tell Niff hi!