Friday, January 04, 2008

What do you get when...?

What do you get when you combine the following in a German Engineer's stirring pot:

An alternative fuel (biodiesel, BTL, synfuel, etc)
2.2L of sparkplug-free engine displacement
Two turbochargers
A splash of urea
A 7-speed transmission
4 wheels (with all-wheel drive)
And a few other bits and bobs


Short answer: Gina's future "mom car," the Mercedes Benz GLK.

Long answer: You get an engine that pulls like a train, has cleaner exhaust than L.A.'s air, has dual stage turbochargers (so you can still have fun), and is quieter than any diesel you've ever heard. And you get that engine with a 7-speed transmission put into a body with all-wheel drive that will tow toys, lug the kids/bikes/dog/skis/etc around, (or if you're the typical American it'll just be lugging you around alone) while already beating the fuel economy standards of the year 2020 (35mpg). The best part? It comes out this fall, so start saving your Benjamins, you'll need about 380 of them, give or take.


gina bina said...

I really really really love this car! I'd drive one of these for my mom about 12 years though.

Andy and Alex Thomas said...

Nice. That could be my Mom car. I am not sure what we would call Alex's car but we'll figure it out. One things you guys don't have problems with is good taste. I saw those shirts below, pretty cool.

Brandon said...

Brad?! I can't believe this... I just randomly stumbled upon your blog here. I was just googling some stuff...and walah... I ended up here. Anyway, cool blog! We should get together sometime soon.
-Brandon Lake

Two Wheeler said...

Yeah, we should really get together soon. I bet your little boy is getting huge by now! Keep in touch, and also check out our family blog