Monday, January 21, 2008

Get out and vote!

This is specifically for the Utahn's that read my blog. January 22, 2008 marks the first day that early voting opens for the Western States Presidential Primary election. Gina and I have done early voting these last few times and it is so much easier than dealing with long lines on election day.

To vote:

1) You must be a registered voter in the state of Utah (check here to see if you're a registered voter)
2) If you are declared affiliated with the Republican party, you can only vote in the Republican Primary (meaning you can only vote for a republican for now)
3) If you are declared affiliated with the Democrat party, you can only vote in the Democrat Primary (meaning you can only vote for a democrat for now)
4) If you are unaffiliated, you can only vote in the Democrat Primary (meaning you can only vote for a democrat for now)

After reading this, you probably fall into one of the following categories, or something similar.

1) You're not registered to vote and don't want to be. If this is the case, I'm sorry :-)
2) You're not registered to vote but you would really like to vote. If this is the case, you won't be able to vote in this primary election, but you should register NOW for the next election. The reason is that you have to register at least 30 days before the election in which you're voting. See this link for voter registration information.
3) You're registered to vote, but your voter record has the wrong address. You don't need to go through the address change process (you can, but it's more hassle and you'll miss this primary election). Instead, just show up to one of the voting locations with an ID that has proof of where you currently live. A utility bill or something of that nature would be very helpful to bring too. Then just fill out a provisional ballot at the polling location and they will allow you to change the address at that point. Vote, and you're done.
4) You're registered to vote and your voter record is correct. Get out to one of the polling locations in your area!


gina bina said...

Oh, don't you worry. I'm going to get my vote on for sure. Early voting is so great if you like to avoid long lines and crowds, but a little less dramatic overall. It's worth it to me though.

Cole said...

In UT county you can vote early today the 25th and 28th. Also it's my understanding you can vote Republican if you are unafiliated but you must join the republican party at that time.

Two Wheeler said...

Very good info Cole. Thanks for sharing!

The Blairs said...

I will be voting this year, finally. I registered to vote a few months ago when I renewed my drivers liscense, but left out a bunch of stuff for some reason, so I have to hurry up and fix it and send it back so I will be officially registered. Great post Brad, I think it is very important that we care about who is running our country. In the past I have just let it slide, but now feel I should put in my vote.

Two Wheeler said...

Glad to hear it Ike!

cole said...

Ryan sounds like an old man...