Wednesday, January 02, 2008

VW and TDI marketing

VW has kind of lacked on the marketing for TDI's (diesel engines) in my opinion, but then again I can kind of understand why... They don't need to advertise when most TDI's are sold before they even reach the lot and used ones hold their value so well. Why advertise when more people are trying to buy a TDI than there are TDI's available? Well, they are finally upping the production of TDI engines in multiple models in the near future and more specifically the new Jetta TDI wagen (dubbed the Sportwagen) is set to appear on US roads this fall! So, with the increase in TDI production, they have a reason to start marketing it. I can't wait, if only I could afford one!

And here is the web page that sparked this post And that's right, a true 40-50mpg out of a car that literally hauls! Not to mention it is cleaner than nearly all other cars currently on the road today.


gina bina said...

As far as the VW wagons go, this one is SOOOOOO much better looking than anything they've have ever done before.

The Blairs said...

Brad, I can picture myself driving that thing with a smile knowing I can put a few kids in it, would look somewhat cool, and would not be spending much on gas. Nice.

Two Wheeler said...

Yep, I'm with you there Ike. It just can't happen soon enough. What irks me is that VW, Mercedes, BMW, etc. could all surpass the new 35MPG ratings by a good bit today if they would just put more diesel engines in the cars. Leave it to the EPA to screw things up though. Don't forget you could step on it in this car and be up to freeway speed in no time as it sets you back in your seat and puts a grin on your face with all that torque! :-)